Prenatal Massage Therapist Question & Answers

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Prenatal Massage Therapist Questions & Answers
Prenatal Massage Therapist Questions & Answers

Anyone can benefit from the relaxing and tension relief benefits of massage, even more so for those who are nurturing a growing life inside their body. When you are pregnant, your body is consistently changing and adjusting to accommodate your growing baby. As a result, new and unique pressure is put on various joints, muscles, and soft tissues in your body, causing pain, stiffness, and overall tension. With that in mind, prenatal massage can help reduce much of the discomfort associated with pregnancy.

How is a prenatal massage different?

While the goals of a prenatal massage remain the same as a regular massage, the methods and focus areas are slightly different. As such, a prenatal massage aims to help you relax and relieve stress while also addressing particular areas of tension or pain so that you are able to leave the massage feeling at ease and both mentally and physically balanced.

With that being said, pregnant women often have specific areas that they would like addressed that they are not necessarily concerned about in other circumstances. As such, common target areas of prenatal massage include pain and tension in the upper and lower back and hip areas, since pregnant individuals carry an ever-increasing weight in the front of their body, not only in the abdomen but also with breast size. Furthermore, there are some areas that require gentle pressure as opposed to deep and pointed pressure, such as the abdomen and the inside of the legs.

There are also some differences in how prenatal massage is carried out in comparison to a regular massage. Whereas a regular massage is carried out with the patient lying in a prone, face-down position, prenatal massage avoids this position to prevent unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and uterus and ensure there is enough blood circulation between the mother and the baby. As such, a prenatal massage can be carried out with the patient lying on their back, on their left side, or in a semi-reclined position.

What are the benefits of Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage can provide numerous benefits for both the mother and the growing baby! Some of the many benefits that prenatal massage can provide to you include the following:

  • Better sleep
  • Decreased risk of delivery or postnatal complications
  • Improved digestion
  • Joint and muscle pain relief
  • Less swelling
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Strengthened immune system

How often should I get a Prenatal Massage?

While you should discuss with your doctor about how often you should get a prenatal massage before you commit to a treatment plan, they are generally considered safe after the first trimester as long as your obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYN) or primary care physician (PCP) gives you the green light. For most pregnant women, prenatal massages are recommended once every month during the second trimester and twice every month during the third trimester. With that being said, the recommended frequency with which you should get a prenatal massage is subject to change depending on the advice of your PCP or OBGYN.

Do you provide Prenatal Massage Near Lecanto, FL?

At Balance Med Spa & Salon in Lecanto, FL, our medical professionals, and massage therapists are proud to provide prenatal massage to our valued patients! You can find Balance Med Spa & Salon located at 2720 W Woodview Lane in Lecanto, FL.

For an appointment with one of our prenatal massage therapists at Balance Med Spa & Salon, or to learn more about prenatal massage, please feel welcome to call us or schedule an appointment through our website! We serve patients from Lecanto FL, Pine Ridge FL, Beverly Hills FL, Citrus Hills FL, Hernando FL, Dunnellon FL, Citrus Springs FL, Crystal River FL, Homosassa Springs FL, Inverness FL, and Black Diamond FL.

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