Sclerotherapy Specialist in Lecanto, FL

Sclerotherapy injections are provided by sclerotherapy specialists at Balance Med Spa & Salon to treat small varicose veins and spider veins in the legs. Call us for more information or request an appointment online.

Sclerotherapy Specialist in Lecanto, FL

Are spider veins an issue for you? They’re not a medical issue, but they may be unsightly to you. If so, sclerotherapy can treat them effectively. The procedure is very safe, simple, and effective, and you can get it done near you at Balance Med Spa & Salon while you enjoy our spa-like environment! Read on to learn more about us and sclerotherapy treatment in Lecanto, FL.

Does sclerotherapy treatment work?

Yes, the treatment works, and it works really well. It’s the most effective treatment for spider veins, and reticular veins can be treated too. Spider veins are usually small or medium sized. For the smallest spider veins or facial spider veins, laser treatment can work well, but for most cases of spider veins, the most effective treatment is sclerotherapy. Also, it’s the most affordable option and generally the safest too.

How does sclerotherapy work?

The procedure is really simple. It’s only minimally invasive, with just a small needle used. In the procedure, a professional injects a salt-based solution into the target vein or veins, and that’s it; you’re done. The solution causes the veins to eventually collapse, then over the course of a few weeks, the veins diminish in appearance and the body finds other, healthier veins to route blood through. It’s as simple and effective as that!

The whole procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes total. After, you’ll be able to go home or return to your regular activities, but you’ll have to avoid strenuous exercise and sun exposure for a couple weeks, and you may need to wear bandages or compression stockings for a short while. Multiple treatments may be necessary for the best results.

Is sclerotherapy pain-free?

The procedure isn’t free of pain, but it’s not very painful at all; it’s about the same as a regular injection. You’ll probably experience some minor stinging or possibly cramps in the injection site. Sometimes certain chemicals called sclerosants are used in the procedure, and some chemicals can cause more discomfort that others. Generally, though, the treatment is simple and not very uncomfortable at all, but if you do experience discomfort for any reason, just let the professional know about it.

Can sclerotherapy treat varicose veins?

Sometimes sclerotherapy can treat some larger and more significant spider veins, but it usually can’t treat bulging veins or varicose veins. To treat these veins, a referral to a vascular surgeon is probably necessary. However, we can still evaluate your veins here at our med spa and treat any spider veins you have, or we can provide a referral for a vascular surgeon if you need one.

Is sclerotherapy permanent?

Yes, it is! So long as the vein or veins respond to the treatment, which is very likely, they will go away once and for all. It is possible for new veins to develop over time, but these can be treated if necessary. You’ll very likely be able to enjoy vein-free skin indefinitely! Get in touch with us today to learn more about what you can expect.

Do you offer sclerotherapy treatment in Lecanto, FL?

Yes, Balance Med Spa & Salon offers sclerotherapy treatment near you at 2720 W Woodview Ln, Lecanto, FL 34461. You can come visit us in-person to get a feel for our spa-like environment, or you can call us to make a consultation. You can also book your consultation with us online. Our sclerotherapy specialist is fully certified and fully capable of treating you, and your procedure will be supervised by our medical director, Dr. Thomas Antony. Call us or come visit today!

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